Green Initiative

Our manufacturing facility is located in Oakville, Ontario and we take pride in the fact that all waste in our manufacturing process is utilized in other products.  One of the ways we contribute to the green initiative is by purchasing off-cut material from our suppliers’ production lines. We re-process this material by grinding / shredding etc… to manufacture some of our finished absorbents. When we receive a container of material from our suppliers‘ approximately 14% of the entire container consists of off-cut material.

Over the course of a year the total percentage of re-processed material used in our plant consists of 79% recycled content which is purchased and 21% from trim cuts we generate in house. All trim and off-cut material is processed in our grind room for the fill used in our absorbent socks. In addition our cellulose socks and pillows utilize a cellulose fill purchased from a major producer of diapers which also assists in managing their waste stream.

Can-Ross’s line of cellulose pads and rolls contain 80% recycled fibers. Our Enviro-Dri™ granular absorbent promotes the quick and efficient clean up of all non-aggressive liquids and is made up of 40% cellulose fibres. These cellulose fibres are made from wood waste that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill.

When dealing with Spill Control and Containment it pays to be pro-active rather than re-active. Can-Ross’s mandate is to provide environmentally friendly options from our comprehensive product offering and the services we offer.

Green Initiative Product Listing