Can-Ross is pleased to announce this new product to assist those who require the absorption and removal of water from fuel tanks. The H2 Out®-250 will absorb and retrieve only water from fuel/hydrocarbon storage tanks.

This product is currently available in one absorption option, the H2 Out®-250. The last number indicates the amount of water in milliliters that each sock will adsorb from fuel.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

This product works in conjunction with our Sargel Water Indicating Paste.

Product Description

Manufactured using a process in which a high loft, blue, melt-blown polypropylene, the fabric is bonded together using an ultrasonic weld between a blue, fine fibre, premium grade cover stock.

Fabricated from a heavy weight, high loft fabric, this unique product offers high absorption and retention capabilities. This product will absorb up to ten (10) times its weight and is selective to oil-based products.

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Sorbent Capacity:
1/4 litre