Can-Ross is the recognized force for products, knowledge, safety and rapid response that allows you to Contain, Clean-up and Comply well beyond the spill. While everyone promises you great products and services , we do that AND a whole lot more. We provide you with the required knowledge and expertise to ensure that you comply with the stringent requirements of the industry. After all – Knowledge is Power and we have the capability to empower you to prepare properly for an emergency situation and to ensure that you understand fully how to deal with the situation if ever it arises.

Don’t get caught by specifying the wrong product for the wrong situation. That could easily impact your ability to contain the emergency and allow it to expand well beyond your front door. You need to do things right from the outset, and having the knowledge and information to make the best decisions gives you enormous power in a potentially dangerous situation. Don’t be caught short by only looking for the lowest price. It could cost you a fortune.

Can-Ross’ “Beyond the Spill™” Product, Service and Training Process provides you with not only the right product and the most comprehensive services and response, but at the same time empowers you with the required education, training and best practice knowledge that is unparalleled in the industry. It is what sets us apart and makes us #1 . Become Empowered and Get Beyond the Spill with confidence.

Product, Service and Training Process

1. Beyond the Spill Process™
Can-Ross provides the “Beyond the Spill™” process that enables you to source not only the right products and the most comprehensive services to deal with dangerous spills in your facility, but more importantly, it empowers you with the required education, training and best practice knowledge to enable you to manage your dangerous situation better thananyone else. Before. During. And After the spill occurs

Why is that?
Quite simply, because Can-Ross recognizes that the spill itself is not the only issue facing a facility such as yours. In order for you to be fully prepared, the most important time is Before the spill occurs. It is when the preparations are made and when many decisions regarding the appropriateness of products and services are determined. If one does not prepare properly ahead of time, then the likelihood of a more dramatic experience isincreased. Be properly prepared and you can limit and manage the situation much better.

That’s why Can-Ross has created the definitive process thatorganizations can trust to enable and empower themselves to deal with a spill situation properly. It’s not only aboutproducts and services, but about knowledge and information; responsibilities and accountabilities, and ensuring the safety of the people, the property and the environment.

The Can-Ross “Beyond the Spill™” process will provide you with everything you need to get organized BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the spill occurs. It is products, services, training, education, best practices and compliance. It is the total package – because we care and know that containing the spill safely within your facility, and not allowing it to leak beyond your area of control, is the desired outcome.

2. Spill Control & Compliance Assessment
Our Spill Control & Compliance Assessment is designed to help you pinpoint and tailor a fast and effective system for dealing with compliance and existing or potential environmental concerns. We will customize a complete summary of important topics and information about recovery from potentially costly and untimely chemical and hydrocarbon-based releases.

A Spill Control & Compliance Assessment Can Help You:

  • Comply with increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations and guidelines
  • Provide a safer workplace
  • Protect the environment
  • Save time and money using proven products
  • Protect your company's image and corporate citizenship

Over the course of your Assessment, Can-Ross will:

  • Evaluate your site
  • Identify potential areas of release
  • Recommend action where applicable
  • Choose the correct products and quantity required for each area
  • Provide a written assessment and quotation

3. Waste Minimization Programs
Can-Ross can show you how to substantially lower costs by reducing solid waste and recycling fluids. Our proven products are not only highly absorptive but can be re-used. A Can-Ross Waste Reduction Program saves you valuable time and money.