Beyond the Spill Process

Beyond the Spill Process

Can-Ross provides the “Beyond the Spill™” process that enables you to source not only the right products and the most comprehensive services to deal with dangerous spills in your facility, but more importantly, it empowers you with the required education, training and best practice knowledge to enable you to manage your dangerous situation better than anyone else. Before. During. And After the spill occurs.

Why is that?

Quite simply, because Can-Ross recognizes that the spill itself is not the only issue facing a facility such as yours. In order for you to be fully prepared, the most important time is Before the spill occurs. It is when the preparations are made and when many decisions regarding the appropriateness of products and services are determined. If one does not prepare properly ahead of time, then the likelihood of a more dramatic experience is increased. Be properly prepared and you can limit and manage the situation much better.

That’s why Can-Ross has created the definitive process that organizations can trust to enable and empower themselves to deal with a spill situation properly. It’s not only about products and services, but about knowledge and information; responsibilities and accountabilities, and ensuring the safety of the people, the property and the environment.

The Can-Ross “Beyond the Spill™” process will provide you with everything you need to get organized BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the spill occurs. It is products, services, training, education, best practices and compliance. It is the total package – because we care and know that containing the spill safely within your facility, and not allowing it to leak beyond your area of control, is the desired outcome.