About Can-Ross Environmental Services

Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd. is a leading provider of spill control and containment products and assessments in Canada, in business since 1985. Serving the most dynamic businesses in the country, we provide security and peace of mind by identifying spill risks and providing practical and effective solutions to those risks.

Our products contain and clean-up even the most challenging oil and chemical spills.

Examples of Can-Ross’s industry-leading spill control products are:

To get these products into the right hands – and fast – Can-Ross maintains an active sales force and distributes products to more than 400 outlets worldwide.

With our head office in Oakville, Ontario and our nationwide distribution network we are able to maintain one of the largest spill control product inventories and meet demanding industry needs.

In addition, Can-Ross offers consultation services to help facilities prepare for potential spills.

We are dedicated to preserving our leadership role in the growing environmental industry and continue setting high industry standards by providing superior spill control products and one-of-a-kind assessments.

The Can-Ross Promise

We promise the MRO market peace of mind when seeking a credible spill control and secondary containment supplier. They will receive a comprehensive range of products and training, providing them product application recommendations in dealing with regulatory compliance issues.

These recommendations will be delivered with Can-Ross customer service excellence and unparalleled logistical support through our distribution network.

Commitment to Environmental Spill Control

Canadians depend on oil and chemical substances, from the fuel that powers our cars to the chemicals used in fabrics and medicines. But these substances can negatively affect our health and environment if they’re managed poorly.

Can-Ross is committed to protecting the environment with our spill control and containment products. We work every day to produce products that easily meet the most demanding government-imposed standards of practice.

Green Initiatives

Our commitment to protecting the environment from oil and chemical spills isn’t surface-level.
At Can-Ross, we take pride in the fact that all excess material in our manufacturing process is utilized in other products.

Purchase Off-Cut Material

We prioritize purchasing off-cut material from our suppliers’ production lines, which we then re-process by grinding or shredding the material to manufacture our absorbents.

Re-Purpose Excess Material

All trim and off-cut material from in-house is processed in our grind room and used for the fill in our absorbent socks.
When dealing with oil or chemical spill control, it pays to be pro-active rather than re-active. The same goes for taking care of the environment. That’s why we believe in providing environmentally friendly spill control and containment product options and do our part to help protect the environment.