Create Custom Spill Kits with Can-Ross

Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd. has been applying its spill control expertise to spill control and containment products since 1985. Our team of experts work with a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial clients across Canada.

If you can’t find what you need in our selection of off-the-shelf spill kits, we would love to work together on creating a solution that is fully customized for your facility’s spill control and containment needs.

How Do I Create a Custom Spill Kit?

From the initial consultation to complimentary onsite assessment, our spill control expertise takes center stage, seeing to it that your facility’s spill control and containment requirements are met.

No matter how complex or how varied the need, our team is up to the challenge. Bring us your requirements, or have us come evaluate your facility, and we will work together to develop a customized spill kit for your specific spill control and containment needs.

We are dedicated to preserving our leadership role in the growing environmental industry and continue setting high industry standards by providing superior spill control products.

Spill Control Solutions Customized for Your Facility

We offer a comprehensive product, service, and training process that educates organizations about which products are right for their facility and helps put in place an effective spill response plan.

Making the necessary preparations before the spill occurs will decrease the likelihood of a potential spill and minimize the intensity of the spill if it occurs.

At Can-Ross, our goal is to empower organizations with the products, training, and best-practice knowledge to manage any oil or chemical spill that may occur.

Want More Information About Our Custom Spill Kits?

To receive more information or request a formal quotation on any customized spill kit, please contact our Customer Service Supervisor Mike Dodd.