Oil and Chemical Spill Containment Assessments

Prepare for Potential Spills Before They Happen

If your facility stores, manufactures, transports, recycles, or handles dangerous or hazardous materials, you need a spill control and containment plan. Oils and chemicals are used just about everywhere you look – especially in a warehouse or factory. Accidents or improper handling of these oils and chemicals can result in dangerous work environments or polluted waterways.

In order to ensure a safe work environment, it is essential to take proactive steps that prepare your facility in the event of a spill.

Our assessments are designed to help you outline a fast, effective system for dealing with compliance and existing or potential environmental concerns. We will customize a complete summary of important information about recovery from potentially costly chemical and hydrocarbon-based spills.

Benefits of Spill Containment Assessments

  • Comply with increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations and guidelines.
  • Provide a safe workplace.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Save time and money using proven, effective products.
  • Protect and maintain your company’s image as an industry leader.

Are You Prepared for a Spill?

Beyond the Spill Product, Service, and Training

Custom Spill Control Solutions for Any Facility

Can-Ross offers a comprehensive product, service, and training process that educates organizations about which products are right for their facility and helps put in place an effective spill response plan.

Making the necessary preparations before the spill occurs will decrease the likelihood of a potential spill and minimize the intensity of the spill if it occurs.

The Beyond the Spill process empowers organizations with the products, training, and best-practice knowledge to manage any oil or chemical spill that may occur.

Spill Control and Compliance Assessment

Comply with Safety and Environmental Regulations and Guidelines Easily and Effectively

Our Spill Control and Compliance Assessment is designed to help organizations create a fast and effective system for dealing with existing or potential environmental concerns, as well as meeting all compliance regulations.

Our assessment helps you:

  • Comply with increasingly strict safety and environmental regulations and guidelines.
  • Provide a safe and eco-friendly work environment.
  • Save time and money using industry-leading products.

We customize a complete summary of important topics and information that organizations need to know to ensure a safe working environment.

Our assessment includes:

  • A hands-on evaluation of your site.
  • Identification of potential areas of release.
  • Recommend action where applicable.
  • Determine correct products and quantity for each area.
  • Provide a written assessment and quotation.

Waste Minimization Programs

Reduce Waste and Lower Costs

Can-Ross offers effective Waste Minimization Programs to help organizations substantially lower costs by reducing waste and recycling materials.

Our proven products are not only highly absorbent but can also be reused.

At Can-Ross, we take pride in the fact that all excess material in our manufacturing process is utilized in other products.

We prioritize purchasing off-cut material from our suppliers’ production lines, which we then re-process by grinding or shredding the material to manufacture our absorbents.

All trim and off-cut material from in-house is processed in our grind room and used for the fill in our absorbent socks.

Are You Prepared for a Spill?