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About Can-Ross

Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd. is a leading provider of spill control and containment products and assessments in Canada. Serving the most dynamic businesses in the country, we provide security and peace of mind by identifying spill risks and providing practical and effective solutions to those risks.

Our products contain and clean-up even the most challenging oil and chemical spills.

Spill Control Assessments

If your facility stores, manufactures, transports, recycles, or handles dangerous or hazardous materials, you need a spill control and containment plan. Oils and chemicals are used just about everywhere you look – especially in a warehouse or factory. Accidents or improper handling of these oils and chemicals can result in dangerous work environments or polluted waterways.

Our assessments are designed to help you outline a fast, effective system for dealing with compliance and existing or potential environmental concerns.

Are You Looking for a Distinct Competitive Advantage?

With new products added annually, our distribution partners would rather work with one supplier, drastically reducing their transaction costs. With Can-Ross, they can.

Product Categories

Achieve Unparalleled Fast and Effective Performance with Can-Ross Oil and Chemical Spill Absorbents

Environmental Commitments

Canadians depend on oil and chemical substances, from the fuel that powers our cars to the chemicals used in fabrics and medicines. But these substances can negatively affect our health and environment if they’re managed poorly.

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