Can-Ross Implements a Simplified, Up-To-Date Spill Control and Containment Program

Bottling Plant

At Can-Ross, we help companies mitigate spill risk by providing spill control and containment products, facility assessments, and training. With our head office in Oakville, Ontario and our nationwide distribution network, we maintain one of the largest spill control product inventories and meet demanding industry needs. Here’s how we helped one of the world’s largest food and beverage company develop an up-to-date and effective spill control and containment program.

Preparing for an Oil or Chemical Spill at a Large Bottling Plant

The company is a leading global food and beverage company – combining a number of individual companies together under one powerful umbrella more than fifty years ago. Today, the company reports sales of over $500 million and has over 19,000 employees.

As the company expanded and grew, it quickly realized that its spill control program was not keeping pace with its evolving needs, which created numerous spill risks. The company was not sure if they had spill kits in the proper areas, if the existing spill kits were regularly refilled after use, or if the kits were standardized.

With thousands of employees, including plant staff who are active and on the plant floor every day, the company needed a spill control program that would allow the company to be prepared in the event of a spill.

Industry-Leading Customizability

Due to its size and company-specific requirements, the company needed a program designed and customized for them. To determine the most effective solution for the company, Can-Ross conducted a Spill Control and Compliance Assessment. Can-Ross toured the plant and inspected all high-risk spill areas. After the tour, Can-Ross prepared a report for the company that identified spill risks and provided solutions to those risks.

The company had acids throughout the plant that were not properly protected in the event of a spill, so Can-Ross recommended a selection of haz-mat spill kits that would minimize spill risk. During the inspection, Can-Ross noticed that the existing spill kits were placed too close to the actual spill hazard. The placement of the kit meant that, in the event of a spill, the operator could not reach the spill kit because the spill would block access to the kit. Can-Ross recommended an alternate location for the spill kit to eliminate that risk.

The company also had many water-based products throughout the plant, so Can-Ross recommended general-maintenance spill control products and solutions for these areas.

Can-Ross was very thorough during the inspection, and even identified spill risks outside of the plant. The company often has trucks coming and going from the plant throughout the day, but was not prepared for a potential fuel spill. Can-Ross identified this risk and recommended a selection of oil-only products and solutions in the event of a fuel spill from the trucks.

Simple, Current, and Effective Solutions

The company has since implemented a complete spill control and containment program designed specifically to eliminate unprotected areas, ensure regular spill kit refills, and create a company-wide spill kit standard. The company now has a new and up-to-date spill control and containment program, complete with all of the products necessary to protect employees, as well as mitigate environmental impact and cost in the event of a spill.

Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd. is a leading provider of spill control and containment products and assessments in Canada. Serving the most dynamic businesses in the country, we provide security and peace of mind by identifying spill risks and providing practical and effective solutions to those risks.

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