Our general maintenance industrial rugs are ideal for walkways, high-traffic areas, under conveyor systems, tool and die storage racks, and areas subject to overspray.

They offer a quick, cost-effective way to soak up oil and industrial fluid released around machinery and traffic areas.

Keep heavy traffic areas clean by absorbing the dirt and grime of plant traffic in and around machinery and equipment. Liquid releases and leaks can be messy and slippery – an accident waiting to happen. Our rugs are resistant to slippage and provide a dust-free environment around sensitive equipment.

Wide Range of Uses Around the Plant

  • Aisles between machine tools
  • Areas prone to release of liquids
  • Around robots
  • Die storage areas
  • Drum storage areas
  • Exits from paint booths
  • Fluid fill areas
  • Machine repair areas
  • Paint booths
  • Under printing presses
  • Under assembly lines where components leak or drip fluids
  • Under conveyor and transfer lines
  • Vehicle service bays
  • Walkways between plant and office
  • Work benches

Product Description

Our GL-100 rugs come with an impermeable backing to keep fluids from soaking through to protect sensitive flooring.

These rugs also retain oil and soiled particles, reducing the amount of tracked dirt and oil around your facility.

These durable, tough rugs will resist shredding and tearing. Heavy traffic, including forklifts, are no match for these sturdy rugs.

The grey colour disguises industrial grime, preventing premature disposal.

Manufactured using a blend of synthetic and natural recycled fibres, our rugs are held together with an acrylic binder and treated with a fire retardant. These rugs are non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Our rugs will absorb up to ten (10) times their weight in liquids. Hydrocarbons, synthetic lubricants, and non-aggressive aqueous solutions are readily absorbed wherever leaks and releases occur.

These rugs are available in rolls (300 ft long and 27” wide) and can be cut to your desired length. They can be incinerated or disposed of at a landfill site, in accordance with current, local government legislation.

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18″ x 150′ x 1/4″

18 lbs