Catch overhead leaks and maintain a dry and safe floor with our leak diverter kits. Ensure the safety of your workers and reduce damages and downtime by preparing for leaks before they happen.

Leak diverter kits are the most conventional and economical way to catch leaks from roofs, overhead piping, and mechanical equipment.

Liquid is captured in the tarp and then diverted into a pail or floor drain using polypropylene tubing.

The leak diverter is easily suspended using bungee cords, tie straps, or rope.

Our diverters are coated on both sides with polyethylene and are resistant to tears, abrasions, and most chemicals.

This all-in-one package includes the diverter, 25″ polypropylene tubing, bungee cords, and fittings, all contained in a 6-gallon polyethylene pail.

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27.24 litres / 6 gallons

10 lbs / 4.54 kg