Absorbent Pads are often considered the standard form of clean up when it comes to oil and chemical spills in heavy industry.

Used in a wide range of applications, absorbent pads can be used for lining table tops and workbenches, to cleaning off tools and hardware, to being placed under leaking machinery and equipment, to being used on open water during oil spills in river, streams, oceans and lakes. Absorbent pads are the most versatile form of spill control products.

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Product Description

Manufactured using a process where pink, melt-blown polypropylene fabric is impregnated with a static dissipating solution. This product will absorb up to ten (10) times its weight and is selective to oil-based products.

This product is offered in double weight fabric only.

This product is part of a full range of spill kits, pads, rolls, mats, booms, and strip particulate.

SBOSR is a product line designed specifically for applications where static electricity is a concern, such as picking up spilled aromatics with a low flash point, or environments that are subject to low humidity.

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Oil Only, Static Resistant Absorbent Pads 17″ x 19″

Dimensions: 17" x 19" x D.W. / 43.2 x 48.3cm x D.W.
Weight: 18 lbs / 8.2 kg
Units/Case: 100

Part #: SBOSR-75

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