This product is also available in Absorbent Booms 5″ x 10′, Absorbent Booms 8″ x 10′, Absorbent Double Booms 5″ x 10′, Absorbent Pillow Booms 8″ x 24″.

Absorbent booms are floating barriers used to contain a spill on a temporary basis. Used to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, booms help make recovery easier. Booms can also be used to divert and channel oil or other chemical spills along desire paths, making the spill easier to remove.

Its fine fiber strip fill allows for superior absorption, retention, and tensile strength, making this boom the best in the business.

Made with marine grade hardware, this boom has a tough outer scrim for increased durability. It’s easy to connect and disconnect and has a superior centre rope channel for pain-free recovery.

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Product Description

Manufactured using a process in which a high loft, yellow, melt-blown polypropylene fabric is bonded between a yellow, fine fibre with our best grade cover stock.

During the manufacturing process, both products are impregnated with a wetting agent, making the finished product non-selective.

Fabricated from a heavy weight, high loft fabric, this unique product offers high absorption and retention capabilities. This product will absorb up to ten (10) times its weight and is selective to most acids and bases.

The yellow fine fibre cover stock provides low linting and superior tensile strength.

This product is part of a full range of spill kits, pads, rolls, mats, booms, strip particulate, and Tiger Tail socks and pillows.

Product NameDescriptionWhere to Buy
Booms 8" X 10'

Part Number: SBHMP-50
Dimensions: 8" x 10' / 20.3cm x 304.8cm
Weight: 44 lbs / 19.96 kg
Units/Case: 4

Part #: SBHMP-50

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Booms 5" X 10'

Part Number: SBHMP-55
Dimensions: 5" x 10' / 12.7cm x 304.8cm
Weight: 18 lbs / 8.2 kg
Units/Case: 4

Part #: SBHMP-55

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Double Booms 5" x 10'

Part Number: SBHMP-56
Dimensions: (2) 5" x 10' / 12.7cm x 304.8cm
Weight: 37 lbs / 16.8 kg
Units/Case: 4

Part #: SBHMP-56

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Pillow Booms 8" x 24"

Part Number: SBHMP-60
Dimensions: 8" x 24" / 20.3cm x 61cm
Weight: 23 lbs / 10.4 kg
Units/Case: 10

Part #: SBHMP-60

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