yellow spill kit bagSpill kits are comprehensive solutions for emergency spills that occur across a variety of industries and settings. They contain everything needed to ensure quick, easy, and effective cleanup of spills. But are they really necessary? And what kind of spill kits do you need in your organization?

The Dangers of Oil and Chemical Spills

The NOAA responds to more than 150 serious oil and chemical spills in U.S. waters every year. But don’t let the size of a spill fool you. Every oil and chemical spill should be viewed as an emergency – no matter the size. They impact:

  • Toxic and poisonous gases can lead to severe illnesses and even death in certain cases. Certain chemicals have a carcinogenic effect, while corrosive chemicals can lead to severe burns and respiratory damage. Flammable chemicals and oil are a fire hazard to humans.
  • Certain chemicals can cause significant damage to laboratories, offices, warehouses, and equipment if not properly and swiftly cleaned up.
  • When large spills occur, they may even cause environmental damage to soil, bodies of water, and farm areas. The long-term impact can lead to severe ecological damage.

The problem is that organizations don’t take small spills seriously – however, they all add up. Organizations that are prepared for emergency spills in advance can mitigate both the immediate and long-term impact.

7 Types of Comprehensive Spill Kits

Spill kits are designed to help organizations manage multiple kinds of spills with various control/containment products included in a single kit. They’re viewed as a complete, ready-to-use solution. But not all spill kits are created equal. The ones you keep on hand will depend on the materials and substances you work with.

Here are some common types of spill kits:

  • Bio-Hazard Spill Kits. When not handled properly, body fluids can be dangerous and put people at risk of infectious diseases – including serious ones like HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. The Can-Ross Bio-Hazard Kit includes everything you need to clean up blood, urine, feces, vomit, and other materials. This includes coveralls, boots, gloves, masks, disposal bags, and dozens of other items.
  • Haz-Mat Spill Kits. Our Haz-Mat spill kits contain everything needed to handle oil spills – both small and large. It includes high loft fabric with impressive absorption and retention capabilities that will hold up to 10-times their weight.
  • Laboratory Spill Kits. Laboratory spills can be especially dangerous – leading to respiratory damage, skin burns, and other unwanted side effects. This spill kit contains acid neutralizers, haz-mat pads, nitrile gloves, safety goggles, scoops, disposal bags, and more.
  • Mercury Spill Kits. Few chemical spills are more dangerous than a mercury spill. These kits come with MERCON mercury, an aspirator, wipes, goggles, gloves, disposal bags, and all proper equipment for cleanup and disposal.
  • Oil Only Spill Kits. Oil spills may be common in some workplaces, but they shouldn’t be accepted as normal. Despite the low toxicity level to humans, it poses a significant threat to the safety of the workplace and the surrounding environment. These spill kits make cleanup easy and effortless.
  • Universal Spill Kits. Our Universal Spill Kits are great for businesses that need a universal kit for a wide variety of spill applications. Whether it’s a small or large leak, these kits have everything you need to clean up the mess and restore the area.
  • Custom Spill Kits. Can’t find a kit that perfectly fits your needs? Can-Ross can create custom spill kits to fit your specific spill control and containment requirements.

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