Suitable for use in rivers, tidal currents and harbours with limited (1m) wave conditions: angled deployment in currents up to approximately 4.0 knots. 24 inch overall height oil containment boom in 50 foot sections, made of UV inhibited PVC , specification to be 22 oz. per square yard minimum.

Boom is RF welded construction with shotgun type connectors supplied at one end of each section as well as two 3/8 inch shackles. Top tension member is 1 inch polyester webbing with minimum 8000 lbs. breaking strength. Flotation is 8 inch octagonal polyethylene closed cell solid core foam. Bottom tension member/ballast 3/8 inch marine grade galvanized chain. Bottom chain tension member enclosed in a double ply material. Drain holes and top handles as per attached specifications. All welds are RF method (1 inch Radio Frequency welding). Each boom section is constructed to prevent any internal leaks.

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Section length 50 ft( folds every 5 ft) 15 m
Overall height 24 in 61 cm
Freeboard 8 in (1 in fin to prevent splash over) 20 cm
Draft 16 in 40 cm

Unit length 3.2lbs/ft 4.9 kg/m
Section 160 lbs approx. 73 kg approx
Fabric Skirt material 22oz 22oz
UV Inhibited PVC; high visibility yellow “welded/heat sealed” . Ultra violet, mildew, rot and flame resistant.
Tensile strength 24,800 lbs 11,270 kg
Tear strength 150 lbs 68 kg