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Can-Ross permanent harbour boom is a heavy duty boom designed for permanent installations where harsh conditions are prevalent and when long service life is required. Two of the most popular applications for this boom are around fuel docks and water intakes/outfalls. The operating environment that this boom most likely would be subjected to is the impact from debris and concentrated hydro carbon.

Each 50’ section is supplied with heavy duty Neoprene with nylon cloth inserted fabric with 12 pairs of rotationally molded, hi visibility orange, polyethylene foam filled floats which are secured to the fabric with 304 stainless steel fasteners. Sections are joined together utilizing heavy duty aluminum ASTM connectors.

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Technical Specifications:
Length (per section) 15.4 m 50 ft.
Overall Height 762 mm 30 in.
Weight 4.76 kg per m 10.5 lbs per ft.
Freeboard 203.2 mm 8 in.
Draft 558.8 mm 22 in.
Base Fabric Neoprene with Nylon Cloth inserted fabric
Fabric Weight 113 kg per 15.240 m 250 lbs per 50’ section
Fabric Tensile Strength 758.4 n per c² 1100 psi
Connectors Aluminum Heavy Duty ASTM
Fasteners 304 Stainless Steel
Flotation Rotationally Molded Polyethylene,
Hi Visibility Orange & Foam Filled
Temperature Range -28° C to + 82° C -20° F to + 180° F