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Our CO2 Out® Carbon Dioxide absorbent is designed for the absorption of carbon dioxide in industrial carbon dioxide scrubbing systems and equipment.

Some examples of use include:

  • Helium-oxygen breathing systems.
  • Hyperbaric chambers.
  • Scrubbers and rebreathers in mine, fire, or other safety systems.
  • Trace removal of acid gasses in deep sweetening or decarbonating diurnal tank venting.

CO2 Out® is also effective in the absorption of acid gases and as an Adol catalyst in industrial applications.

Product Description

CO2 Out® Carbon Dioxide absorbent is a pelletized compound that consists primarily of hydrated lime (Ca)OH)2) blended with a small quantity of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). It contains an ethyl violet indicator, which turns from white to violet as the absorbent depletes. The appearance of granules normally varies from white to off-white.

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