Contained in a Yellow Poly Drip Pan 10.5″x10.5″x3″

Product Description

Manufactured from an economy grade, grey, melt-blown polypropylene.

During the manufacturing process, the fabric is treated with a wetting agent which makes the finished product non-selective.

This product will absorb up to nine (9) times its weight, is non-selective, and can pick up most non-aggressive industrial fluids.

The SBGM product line offers reliable absorption and disguises industrial grime with its grey colouration.

This dependable product is part of a full range of spill kits, pads, rolls, mats, booms, strip particulate, and Tiger Tail socks and pillows.

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10.5″ x 10.5″ x 3″ / 26.7cm x 26.7cm x 7.6cm

9 lbs / 4.1 kg