The SD system is an oil recovery skimmer specifically designed for recovering high volumes of medium to very heavy oils.

The skimmer will operate in most environments and will recover very heavy oils at up to 100m³/hr per hour with more than 98% oil pick-up, removing the need for costly separation or disposal of dirty water.

Product Description

  • Ports and Terminals
  • Shoreline
  • Inland Water
  • Offshore
  • Coastal
  • Ice


  • Operate as a tooth disc skimmer or a brush skimmer
  • Tooth discs allow the skimmer to recover medium and heavy oil, and the bristles allow collection of lighter oils
  • With its integral buoyancy, fenders and robust design, the SD oil skimmer can be safely operated from vessels and alongside booms
  • The skimmer will operate effectively even when surrounded by large debris such as wood

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Skimmer Dimensions:

  • Length: 225cm
  • Width: 137cm
  • Height: 128cm
  • Weight: 437kg
  • Recovery Rate: 100m³/hr