The Arctic FoxTail is a new winterized version of the standard FoxTail VAB (Vertical Adhesion Band) skimmer. It has all the old qualities, and the additional integrated transfer pump, insulated cover and a hydraulic heating system, that heats both the hopper and the air circulating in the skimmer.

Product Description

Where a standard FoxTail can run in min. -6°C, the Arctic FoxTail can run in min -21°C under the same sea temperature and wind conditions.

The standard configuration is 200 lpm and 200 barwith LS and Closed Center, but other configurations are available.

Arctic FoxTail was developed through NOFO and the NCA’ “Oil Spill Response 2015” (Program for Developing New Oil Spill Technologies).


  • Insulated
  • Protected from wind, snow, rain and spray
  • Hydraulic heating circuit with both hot plates and air heat exchanger
  • High capacity oil recovery
  • Unaffected by waves
  • Portable and requires only a single wire suspension
  • Operates well among floating objects and ice
  • Not sensitive to oil viscosity or temperature
  • Provided with two guide ropes with tension damper
  • Nozzles for steam or hot water – both above the mops and in the outlet – are standard on all Arctic FoxTails for extra heating and lubricating the cargo hose.

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Capacity(m3/h) – 35 m3/h
Weight Empty – 1150 kg
Weight Operating – 1300 kg
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H – 2100 x 1700 x 1700
Number of Mops – 4
Size of Mops – 9″
Length of Mops – 5 x 3 m = 15 m