The FoxDrum handles oils of most viscosities, from heavy crude oils to light oils. The FoxDrum has been specially designed to operate with heavy crude oils both at open sea and in ports, at temperature down to the freezing point. The FoxDrum operates well in rough sea without admitting unwanted water. It handles
most types of debris, ropes, wood, sea grass, birds etc. without difficulty. The two drums collect oil from
opposite directions which doubles the capacity.

Product Description

For minimum storage space and rapid and effective maintenance the pontoons can easily be removed.With the FoxDrum skimmer you can handle all types of oils with the same skimmer. The drums have a special shape to agitate the oil and draw it down into the skimmer sump.Both the FoxDrum-402 and the FoxDrum-602 are high quality products, manufactured of first-class materials, chosen to withstand very corrosive environments.


  • Handles viscosities from 10.000 cst
  • High recovery efficiency
  • Handles most types of debris
  • Low maintenance
  • Aluminum Scimmer frame
  • Oil Separation 95 – 98%
  • TEMA Hydraulic Couplings (or costumers choice) The FoxDrum 602 has a built in Desmi 250 pump and a special screw that force the oil into the pump. The FoxDrum 402 has an external Vogelsang pump.


  • Can be delivered with water injection flange
  • Can be delivered with transport container in aluminum that also can be used as temporary reservoir for the collected oil.

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