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very clean empty warehouse with large garage doors and exposed pipesAt Can-Ross, we help companies mitigate spill risk by providing spill control and containment products, facility assessments, and training.

Recently, we helped one of Canada’s largest food merchandisers and processors revamp their existing spill control and containment program and become better equipped for handling a potential spill.

The Project

After a waste oil tote was punctured by a forklift outside of a plant, spilling at least 100 litres of waste oil, the company realized that its spill control program was not keeping pace with its evolving needs. Due to the company’s size and specific requirements, their facility needed a program designed and customized for them.

We conducted a Spill Control and Compliance Assessment to determine the most effective solution for the company. We toured the company’s facility and inspected all high-risk spill areas. After the tour, Can-Ross prepared a report for the company that identified spill risks and provided solutions to those risks.

Can-Ross’ Solution

The result was a spill control and containment program design specifically to eliminate unprotected areas, ensure regular spill kit refills, and create a company-wide spill kit standard.

The company is currently equipped with a new and up-to-date spill control and containment program, complete with all the products necessary to protect employees, as well as mitigate environmental impact and cost in the event of a spill.

Check out our new case study to learn more.

Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd. is a leading provider of spill control and containment products and assessments in Canada. Serving the most dynamic businesses in the country, we provide security and peace of mind by identifying spill risks and providing practical and effective solutions to those risks.

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